11 September, 2020


GT – Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

ID Title Authors
48 Attacking with bitcoin: Using Bitcoin to Build Resilient Botnet Armies Dimitri Kamenski, Arash Shaghaghi, Salil Kanhere and Matthew Warren
4 Blockchain-Based Systems in Land Registry, a Survey of their Use and Economic Implications Yeray Mezquita, Javier Parra, Eugenia Perez, Javier Prieto and Juan Corchado
66 The Evolution of Privacy in the Blockchain: a Historical Survey Sergio Marciante and Álvaro Herrero
34 Securing Cryptoasset Insurance Services with Multisignatures Daniel Wilusz and Adam Wójtowicz
45 Building an Ethereum-Based Decentralized Vehicle Rental System Néstor García-Moreno, Pino Caballero-Gil, Cándido Caballero-Gil and Jezabel Molina-Gil

GT – Machine Learning

ID Title Authors
61 Off-line writer verification using segments of handwritten samples and SVM Verónica Aubin, Matilde Santos and Marco Mora
56 A comparative study to detect flowmeter deviations using one-class classifiers Esteban Jove, Jose-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Hector Quintian, Francisco Zayas-Gato, Paulo Novais, Juan Albino Mendez-Perez and Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle
10 IoT Device Identification Using Deep Learning Jaidip Kotak and Yuval Elovici
53 Impact of current phishing strategies in machine learning models for phishing detection M. Sánchez-Paniagua, E. Fidalgo, V. González-Castro and E. Alegre
62 Crime prediction for patrol routes generation using machine learning Cesar B. Guevara and Matilde Santos

GT – Applications

ID Title Authors
12 Health Access Broker: Secure, Patient-Controlled Management of Personal Health Records in the Cloud Zainab Abaid, Arash Shaghaghi, Ravin Gunawardena, Suranga Seneviratne, Aruna Seneviratne and Sanjay Jha
14 Short Message Multichannel Broadcast Encryption Jose Luis Salazar, Jose Saldana, Julian Fernandez-Navajas, Jose Ruiz and Guillermo Azuara
18 Cybersecurity Overview of a Robot As a Service Platform Laura Fernández Becerra, David Fernández González, Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras, Francisco J Rodríguez Lera and Camino Fernández-Llamas
24 Probabilistic and timed analysis of security protocols Olga Siedlecka-Lamch
25 Domain Knowledge: Predicting the Kind of Content Hosted by a Domain Suriyan Laohaprapanon and Gaurav Sood
32 Evidence Identification and Acquisition based on Network Hidden Link in Internet of Things (IoT) Environments Saad Khalid Alabdulsalam, Trung Q. Duong, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Nhien-An Le-Khac
55 Proposition of Innovative and Scalable Information System for Call Detail Records Analysis and Visualisation Rafał Kozik, Michal Choras and Marek Pawlicki
59 Automatic Detection of Sensitive Information in Educative Social Networks Víctor Botti Cebriá, Elena Del Val Noguera and Ana Maria García Fornes

Special Session: Fake News Detection and Prevention

ID Title Authors
15 Detection of Articial Images and Changes in Real Images using Convolutional Neural Networks Mariusz Kubanek, Kamila Bartłomiejczyk and Janusz Bobulski
20 Distributed Architecture for Fake News Detection Rafał Kozik, Michal Choras, Sebastian Kula and Marek Pawlicki
21 Multi-stage News-stance Classification Based on Lexical and Neural Features Fuad Mire Hassan and Mark Lee
47 Fake news detection. Do complex problems need complex solutions? Ignacio Palacio Marín and David Arroyo
67 Application of the BERT-based Architecture in Fake News Detection Sebastian Kula, Michal Choras and Rafał Kozik

Special Session: Mathematical methods and models in Cybersecurity

ID Title Authors
3 Simulating malware propagation with different infection rates Jose Diamantino Hernández and Angel Martin Del Rey
9 A data quality assessment model and its application to cybersecurity data sources Noemí DeCastro-García and Enrique Pinto
19 Towards forecasting time-series of cyber-security data aggregates Miguel Carriegos and Ramón Ángel Fernández Díaz
58 Hybrid approximate convex hull one-class classifier for an industrial plant Iago Núñez, Esteban Jove, José-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Héctor Quintián, Francisco Zayas-Gato, Dragan Simic and José Luis Calvo-Rolle

Special Session: Measurements for a dynamic cyber-risk assessment

ID Title Authors
7 Traceability and Accountability in Autonomous Agents Francisco J Rodríguez Lera, Miguel Ángel González-Santamarta, Angel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras, Francisco Martín Rico and Vicente Matellan
29 The Order of the Factors DOES Alter the Product: Cyber Resilience Policies’ Implementation Order Juan Francisco Carias, Marcos R. S. Borges, Leire Labaka, Saioa Arrizabalaga and Josune Hernantes
30 Deep Learning Defenses Against Adversarial Examples for Dynamic Risk Assessment Xabier Echeberria-Barrio, Amaia Gil-Lerchundi, Ines Goicoechea-Telleria and Raul Orduna-Urrutia
44 A new approach for dynamic and risk-based data anonymization Lilian Adkinson Orellana, Pablo Dago Casas, Marta Sestelo and Borja Pintos Castro

Special Session: Cibersecurity in a Hybrid Quantum World

ID Title Authors
22 An innovative linear complexity computation for cryptographic sequences Jose Luis Martin-Navarro, Amparo Fuster-Sabater and Sara D. Cardell
39 Randomness analysis for GSS-sequences concatenated Sara Díaz Cardell, Amparo Fúster-Sabater, Amalia Beatriz Orúe López and Verónica Requena Arévalo
40 Study of the reconciliation mechanism of NewHope Víctor Gayoso Martínez, Luis Hernandez Encinas and Agustin Martin Muñoz
41 Securing blockchain with Quantum Safe Cryptography: when and how? Veronica Fernandez, Amalia Orúe and David Arroyo
49 Blockchain in Education: New challenges Wilson Mauro Rojas Reales, Víctor Gayoso Martínez and Araceli Queiruga Dios

Special Session: Anomaly/Intrusion Detection

ID Title Authors
6 Impact of Generative Adversarial Networks on NetFlow-based Traffic Classification Maximilian Wolf, Markus Ring and Dieter Landes
11 Hybrid Model for Improving the Classification Effectiveness of Network Intrusion Detection Vibekananda Dutta, Michal Choras, Rafal Kozik and Marek Pawlicki
16 Adaptive Approach for Density-Approximating Neural Network Models for Anomaly Detection Martin Flusser and Petr Somol
17 Systematic mapping of detection techniques for Advanced Persistent Threats David Sobrín Hidalgo, Adrián Campazas Vega, Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras, Francisco J Rodríguez Lera and Camino Fernández-Llamas
57 Neural network analysis of PLC traffic in smart city street lighting network Tomasz Andrysiak and Łukasz Saganowski
68 Beta-Hebbian Learning for Visualizing Intrusions in Flows Héctor Quintián, Esteban Jove, José-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Daniel Urda, Angel Arroyo, José Luis Calvo-Rolle, Álvaro Herrero and Emilio Corchado
65 Detecting Intrusion via Insider Attack in Database Transactions by Learning Disentangled Representation with Deep Metric Neural Network Gwang Myong Go, Seok Jun Bu and Sung Bae Cho