8 October, 2019

SS03 – Special Session on Security Advances In Computational Intelligence for Permissioned & Permissionless Blockchains


Blockchain technology is strongly becoming a prominent part of the daily routine nowadays. With a huge market cap, continued investor-driven interest and focused attention from enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and academia, security in the blockchain world is a mandatory requirement. This special session welcomes all papers (whether theoretical or practical) related to computational intelligence applied to security in permissioned and permissionless blockchains, and aims to discuss aspects of interest to the future development of these, such as high-performance computational aspects applied to blockchain security, infrastructure-related security, security protocols in the blockchain and intelligent methods and applications for enhanced blockchain security.


The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mathematical modeling in cyber security.
  • Public and private blockchains/distributed systems security design and architectures
  • Smart contracts security for public and private blockchains
  • Static analysis / formal verification for security in public and private blockchains
  • Dynamic analysis / stochastic mechanisms for security in permissioned and permissionless blockchains
  • Intrusion detection analysis on permissioned and permissionless blockchains
  • High-performance/heterogeneous computing for permissionless/permissioned blockchains
  • Intelligent methods and applications for blockchain security

Session Chairs

  • Ciprian Pungilă, West University of Timișoara (Romania)
  • Ruxandra Olimid, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
  • Viorel Negru , West University of Timișoara (Romania)


Prof. Ciprian Pungilă

West University of Timișoara

Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan nr. 4, 300223, Timişoara (Romania)

E-mail: ciprian.pungila@e-uvt.ro