26 November, 2019

SS06 – Special Session on Anomaly/Intrusion Detection


Recent developments in information and communication technologies require secure accessing, processing, storing, and sharing information in electronic environments. The importance of information and system security increases all the time in quantity because of continuous threats encountered on the internet and systems. To this end, it is always required to find new methods, techniques and technologies to secure information and systems in several topics.

Intrusion detection is one of these topics. It can be defined as the act of detecting actions that attempt to compromise several systems and networks through malicious network traffic. On the other hand, anomaly detection seeks to find no common behaviour in the system to prevent security issues.

The special session on anomaly/intrusion detection aims at showcasing recent advance on detection of anomalous events and intrusion detection within several contexts. An important focus is on methods capable of working with data acquired in challenging conditions. Advances in methods capable of online processing are also of particular interest.


  • Risk Modeling
    • Enhanced risk modeling
    • Regulation-aware feature engineering
    • Monitoring
  • Semi-supervised anomaly detection (aka Novelty Detection)
  • Unsupervised anomaly detection (aka Outlier Detection)
  • Explainable models for anomaly detection
  • Human-in-the-loop anomaly detection
  • Adversarially-robust detection
    • Other applications
    • Fake news
    • Social media mining
    • Early detection of emerging phenomena

Session Chairs

  • Pablo García Bringas, University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Sung-bae Cho, Yonsei University (South Korea)
  • Iker Pastor López, University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Borja Sanz Urquijo, University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Igor Santos Grueiro, University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Alberto Tellaeche Iglesias, University of Deusto (Spain)


Iker Pastor López

University of Deusto

Avenida de las Universidades, 24, 48007 – Bilbao (Spain)

e-mail: iker.pastor@deusto.es